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Our Team

Lissete Pastor

Creative Director

Jaqueline Chavarria

Concierge Director

Neydi Martinez

Production Manager

Your urgent business is our daily routine.

Since 2005, we have served funeral homes worldwide by repairing and preparing photos for families to cherish as memories. We are experts in old photo restoration, new photo retouching, or recreating a photo as a portraiture.  

Our company was created to help Funeral Directors support their families by preparing their loved one’s last portrait in time for display at the service. Using new digital technology, we pioneered a proprietary 24-hour photo repair business, designed to deliver professional quality portraits, in lighting-fast time.


Our process has been refined through hard work, improved technology, and business partnerships which allow us to take ANY photo and guarantee a premium museum quality portrait delivered on time for your service nearly anywhere in the world.


We are honored to support funeral directors worldwide comforting their families with premium portraits. We are grateful for you, dedicated to your business, and committed to your families’ 100% satisfaction in our products in service. 


We value the respect you have given us to be your business partner, and strive daily to meet or exceed your expectations.


Read what your peers are saying about us:

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Your one stop shop for all things…

Your one stop shop for all things portraits!!! We had a client that requested a portrait and the photo they delivered had weathered some storms. You could tell the photo had visible defects and we wanted to help our clients with their order. We uploaded the photo and a few short days later we received a masterpiece!!! The photo was masterfully restored and I'm sure it brought tears to our clients eyes. Don't look any further give them a try and let them WOW you as well.

Hope Cook

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The staff is awesome, they sold the product right away, with the amount of professionalism, being incredibly patient, kind, and caring and knowledgeable about the product. I know the family will be so grateful to see the wonderful quality of the 32x40 portrait, this will definitely help the family throughout this difficult process of grief.

F. Curry

trustpilot-logo-snijpunt.1600x680x1 copy (1).png

Excellent service and the owner would follow up after the order and make sure the portrait arrived on time and all was well with your order.

Jack Smalley

trustpilot-logo-snijpunt.1600x680x1 copy (1).png

I placed my order close to midnight EST…

I placed my order close to midnight EST on Monday and received a high quality framed canvas on Wednesday morning. I presented the photo to the family as a gift at the start of the visitation. They were so touched. I highly recommend them!

S. Kleinberg - Island Park, NY.

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