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Funeral Directors: Try our memorial portrait service today with no cost or obligation. View offer.

Easily start earning portrait commissions.

Step 1



Step 2

Click "Partners" tab.


Step 3

Elect your choice for retail ordering.

Make sure to save your selection.


Step 4

Share your unique link to your families to place orders.

This link ensures you get commissions.


When anybody orders from your unique link, their order will be tied to your account.

How can your families order memorial portraits?.

Families can learn more about custom portraits and place orders via:

1. Your website:

Add badge to your website and link the unique tracking code.

This will ensure that anybody that orders from your website,

their order will be tied to your account.

2. Request free brochures for your families.

Click here to request free brochures



How will I get credit for orders?

There are two methods to ensure you get commission:

1) Use the link provided to connect our badge on your website. 

2) Provide brochures to families and they will be required to enter your funeral home name prior to ordering.

How does the commission program work?

When we receive an order...

A) If the family clicked or link at your website, portrait orders will contain your unique code.

B) If the family simply placed an order at our retail site, they must provide your funeral home name prior to placing order.

In either case, your funeral home will be associated with the families' retail portrait order.


How will I get payed?

You will be paid by company check sent directly from the back. Checks will be issued only when commission greater than $1.00. Check will be sent by US mail within 30 days of the close of each month.


What's the commission rate?

25% commission of the gross revenue generated at PortraitsToCherish will be rebated. Funeral Homes that exceed $25,000 in combined annual sales custom portrait sales between wholesale (PortraitsATNeed) and retail (PortraitsToCherish) will earn 30% commission on total gross revenue between both website. This threshold resets annually.

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